Planet Residence – a friend of nature

The energy efficiency of construction buildings is no longer just a recommendation, but has entered the construction laws and has become one of the main criteria for the quality and value of buildings. In this sense, the residential and business complex Planet Residence in Niš will set a high standard. According to the Elaboration of Energy Efficiency, this condominium has a high B class energy passport. The energy passport is a mandatory, official document that checks energy properties of the building and evaluates its energy efficiency.

The high standards of construction, which are in the focus of the residential and commercial complex Planet Residence, bring numerous benefits to both future tenants and the environment. Improving the energy efficiency of buildings saves money, increases the reliability of the electrical network, and protects people’s health and the environment. Also, energy-efficient buildings are better equipped to switch to renewable energy, which does not produce harmful emissions.

“Ground floor next to business, surrounding green areas and green terrace intended only for the tenants of the complex makes up more than 50% of the total surface area of the construction plot”, it is stated in the Elaborate energy efficiency of the residential and business complex Planet Residence.

Green roof terraces intended for residential apartments make an additional 11.99%. The Elaborate states that there are good conditions for natural sun exposure, ventilation and lighting. There are also conditions for installing solar panels collectors on the roof. The parking lot also has chargers for electric cars, in addition the possibility of installing additional ones, at the request of the tenant.

“The facility belongs to the medium-heavy type of construction, which is favorable in terms of the use of heat gain during the heating period. The internal air temperature is regulated manually. Through the windows oriented towards the south, east and west, there are solar heat gains during the heating season. Air comfort is achieved through natural ventilation”, says the Elaborate.

Regarding the issues of potential pollution due to the proximity of the City Heating Plant to the Planet Residence housing and business complex, the tests have given favorable results.

“The thermal energy distributor Niš City Heating Plant does not emit polluting elements into the air, because it uses natural gas as fuel for its production”, say the investors.

Planet Residence is a facility whose construction standards connect modern man and nature. During the creation of the project, the needs of future generations were taken into account. Thanks to experience and innovative ideas, a part of nature is transferred to the homes of future tenants of the Planet Residence complex.